Notes On A Scam: A Common Misconception

August 8th, 2016

Here’s the blunt question we’ve heard you ask: Is Vista Energy a scam? There seems to be a lot of confusion about the role of third-party suppliers in the natural gas industry. We’ve read so many stories from the BBB, review sites, and news articles, and heard so many complaints about suppliers like Vista Energy allegedly being scams. Any accusation that can be leveled against them, we’ve heard it. While we know these sorts of scams are certainly out there, and we’d warn you to watch out for them too, unfortunately, most of the complaints leveled against us and many of our competitors are a simple matter of misunderstanding. So after reading some of your complaints, we compiled this list of answers to the three most common complaints. Hopefully we can help clarify some of the misconceptions for you.

Vista Energy Is Pretending To Be PG&E

This is perhaps the biggest misconception about Vista Energy Marketing. Our relationship with PG&E can be pretty confusing, so we’ll try to answer as simply as possible. We are, plain and simply, NOT pretending to be PG&E. Furthermore, we are NOT a part of PG&E. We are a third-party supplier, meaning that we have been approved by PG&E to use their pipelines to supply your natural gas, as part of their Core Gas Aggregation Program.

Vista Energy Overcharged Me

Sales is always tricky, isn’t it? There are all kinds of scams out there with people knocking on your door, selling you some faulty or fake product/service, and then disappearing with you’re your money. These people drive us nuts too! That’s why we are careful to clearly identify our sales team with professional uniforms and transportation, and train them to represent Vista Energy in a way that will demonstrate our professionalism and legitimacy to our potential customers.

Under the laws of deregulation, third party natural gas providers have the liberty to advertise and promote their offers to customers door-to-door. This is how we inform our potential customers of what we do, and how we can potentially help them save on their energy bills. We encourage you to put our reps to the test. Ask as many questions as you like and let us help you understand our services so that you can make an informed choice. No one should ever feel pressured into signing up for something they don’t fully understand, and our reps are there to ensure you are comfortable with your decision.

If you have any other concerns you’d like to ask us about, be sure to go to and let us know how we can help you.

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