About Vista Energy

In 1996 several states changed legislation allowing for consumers to have a choice of how they buy their natural gas. Like the Airline and Telephone industry before, the natural gas industry now found itself unbound by Government legislation and oversight. While the deregulation of commercial, industrial, and in some cases residential markets has allowed market forces to operate within the already established utility service territories, many companies have not discovered how to make deregulation work to their advantage, or in many cases that a deregulated supplier option even exists.

This is where the opportunity was born for Vista to bring the wholesale and retail markets together. Marrying experiences of wholesale supply acquisition, transportation to end use markets, and finally to reaching out to specific users – Vista bridges the two dynamics to create opportunities and give end users a choice other than their local utility.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Vista Energy to create value for our customers by providing affordable natural gas and electricity coupled with exemplary service. Vista Energy is proud to earn its reputation as ‘best in class’ every day.

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Why Vista Energy?

If you are currently buying your gas or electricity from a traditional energy provider in one of our many service areas, you now have the option to purchase gas and electricity from Vista as a third-party provider at much lower rates. Thanks to deregulation, Vista Energy can now supply your natural gas and electricity through these traditional systems. We provide a competitive price made possible through our unique access to Wholesale markets. When you make the switch to Vista, you will also enjoy:

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