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California Natural Gas Plans for your Home.

Providing natural gas to homes and businesses across California including

San Francisco Fresno Bakersfield Sacramento Stockton Oakland San Jose

Shopping for gas plans in California?

Multiple gas choices give consumers the power to compare multiple plans and rates to find the best plan that fits their home and budget. In certain areas of California, households have the option to choose an alternative retail supplier for Natural Gas. At Vista Energy, we provide our customers with the information and assistance to help them find their next plan.

Tired of wondering what your California natural gas bill will be this month?

In California, you have the freedom to buy your gas from a 3rd party provider. When it comes to your home, you know best, so why not choose a California natural gas provider that can meet your needs. Choose Vista Energy as your California gas company today.

Comparing multiple California natural gas rates?

When you choose Vista Energy over your local utility such as PG&E, you no longer have to worry about changing natural gas rates every month. Your utility will still service and maintain your gas lines. When you switch to Vista Energy, you will not experience a service disruption during your enrollment with us.

California Utilites

Natural Gas


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Natural Gas


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Natural Gas


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PG&E Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vista Energy part of PG&E? Vista Energy is an approved participant in PG&E's Core Aggregation Program, but Vista Energy is not part of PG&E.
Who bills me for gas if I switch to a third party provider? Your bill will continue to come from PG&E. The only difference is that Vista will appear as the 3rd party gas supplier on the final page of your bill.
Am I being charged twice for natural gas usage? You are NOT being billed for natural gas twice. Most people do not realize that a significant portion of their monthly gas bill is a gas transportation fee. PG&E will still charge a transportation fee to those using a third party supplier. PG&E charges each customer a transportation fee in order to cover costs associated with owning and operating the pipeline. Traditionally, transportation rate represents a large portion of your monthly bill – nearly the value of your gas. The charges on your bill from Vista are for the natural gas only and are different from the PG&E transportation charges. When PGE was your natural gas provider the transmission costs were combined into one "bundled" charge.
Is there a deposit for PG&E? Vista Energy does not currently require a deposit for service in this area.
Is there an Early Termination Fee (ETF) for PG&E? No, Vista Energy does not currently charge an early termination fee for this service area.
If I cancel, when will my service start with PG&E and stop with Vista Energy? Your return date to PG&E's bundled service is based on your home's meter read date. When we submit your cancellation request and if it is accepted by PG&E 15 days before your next meter read date, you will return to PG&E on that meter read date. If your cancellation is submitted less than 15 day of your next meter read date, you will be returned back to the utility on your next months meter read.

Have questions about California natural gas plans? Give us a call!

Our expert customer service agents are waiting to help you Mon - Fri 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST
Sat 10:00 am to 3:00 pm CST

Electricity and Natural Gas Plans to power your home and business.

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Electricity and Natural Gas Plans to power your home and business.

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