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The Nebraska Choice Gas Selection Period for 2018 has ended

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Understanding Natural Gas Choice in Nebraska

Every April, you and your fellow Nebraskans have the chance to sign up for service with the natural gas company you like most. Known as the Black Hills Choice Gas Selection Period, third-party natural gas providers like Vista Energy compete for your business.

This puts the power directly into your hands, because you can do what you feel is best for your needs. You can base your decision upon price, amenities, customer service, or whatever factors are important to you – what matters is that it’s your decision.

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    How the Choice Gas Program Works

    With the introduction of deregulation in Nebraska, you no longer have to buy your natural gas from your utility company, Black Hills Energy. This means that, while Black Hills continues to transmit and deliver the natural gas to your home, you can choose your Nebraska natural gas supplier.

    Because the Choice Gas Program is designed to put customers first, the third-party companies have a small window of time each spring in which they can advertise their services to you. This allows you to gather all the information you need as efficiently as possible, so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

    When the Black Hills Choice Gas Selection Period begins for you in April, you select the Nebraska natural gas company you like most, complete with a year-long plan that locks in your rate until next year. Just like that, your natural gas needs are met for the entire year.

    How Energy Choice Works in Nebraska

    Now that you understand about the Choice Gas Program in Nebraska, it’s crucial you understand the big picture as well. You see, even though you’re paying the natural gas rate you selected through a third-party energy company, Black Hills Energy will still serve as your utility company. As in, while several companies purchase the natural gas on the energy market (which is how they determine the prices they offer you), only one company takes care of the energy infrastructure: the lines, poles, meters, pipes, distribution, billing, maintenance, and more. Learn more about how natural gas gets distributed from the utility to your home here.

    Hence, not only do you enjoy the benefits of making the energy decision that you feel is best, but you also enjoy the benefits of a stable energy market.

    Why Choose Vista Energy as Your Nebraska Natural Gas Supplier?

    If you are currently buying your Nebraska natural gas from a traditional energy provider in one of our many service areas, you now have the option to purchase natural gas in Nebraska from Vista as a third-party provider, which in turn gives us the ability to give our customers competitive rates for Nebraska natural gas.

    Energy Expertise

    With our years of experience in the energy industry, we use our knowledge to ensure that you are getting the competitive rates for Nebraska natural gas.

    Competitive Prices

    How are we able to offer our customers great rates natural gas? We work diligently on our end to find the best competitively priced natural gas for our customers.

    Superior Customer Service

    Vista Energy employs a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable representatives to ensure that your concerns and questions are quickly addressed.

    Nebraska Choice Gas Program FAQs

    What is the Black Hills Choice Gas Program?

    This is your chance to choose the Nebraska natural gas company that is right for you. You are able to select from one of several third-party companies competing for your business. These companies offer different plans with competitive prices, services, rewards, and more – but the power lies with you.

    How can I choose a natural gas company in Nebraska?

    During the Choice Gas Selection Period each year, there are 4 different ways you can sign up for natural gas company in Nebraska:

    1. Online (directly through Black Hills Energy)
    2. Supplier Submission (directly with the supplier you like most)
    3. Mailing in a Selection Form (either mailed to you or available for download)
    4. Automatic Rollover

    When signing up for a new natural gas company – or choosing a new plan with the company you’re currently with – you will need your account number, control number, and confirmation code for the natural gas supplier you want for the next year.

    What happens when I switch to a new natural gas company?

    The only thing that changes when you switch to a new natural gas company will be a single line item on your bill and how much you’re charged. This will be the location where you see the name of the company you signed up with, the rate for the plan you selected, and how much you are charged for the energy you used at the rate for that plan.

    Will choosing a third-party company impact my natural gas service?

    Not at all. No matter which Nebraska natural gas company you choose, the day-to-day stuff stays the same, in that Black Hills Energy will remain your utility. The utility will still deliver natural gas to your home, be responsible for maintenance of the natural gas infrastructure, repair any problems, respond to outages, take care of billing, and anything else related to your natural gas service.

    What happens when I choose a multi-year plan?

    This is the only instance in which you won’t have a chance to choose a new natural gas company each April. When you sign up for a multi-year fixed-rate plan with a third-party natural gas company, you are locked into that rate for the duration of your contract term. Thus, if prices are lower during the Choice Gas Selection Period, you cannot change companies, but if the prices are higher next year, you are protected from those higher prices.

    The one time you can switch to a new natural gas company if you sign up for a multi-year plan is if you move to a new service address in Nebraska. In this instance, you could select a new plan or an entire new company when the next Choice Gas Selection Period arrives.

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