Be Heard and Be Seen: The Importance of Customer Service and Responding to Reviews in the Natural Gas Industry

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Having top-notch customer service has become a fundamental aspect of running a successful business. If you want to be an industry leader, then you have to take into account the needs and responses of your customers.

There is perhaps no industry in the world where paying extra attention to the customer has not reaped monetary rewards for a business. Then again, improving the customer service of a business achieves a lot more than simply revenue generation. It is not about the money. It is about sending a message to the customers and making them feel that the business is there to look after them.

Why Customer Service Is Particularly Important to Third Party Natural Gas Suppliers

Customer service is pivotal in any industry. However, as a third party natural gas supplier, it is of particular importance given the unfortunate stereotypes permeating our industry. Customer care, therefore, is essential to combatting those stereotypes, and clearing up widespread misconceptions. In simpler words, it gives the suppliers a golden opportunity to bridge the communication gap between them and their customers.

The following are examples of some of the best customer service practices that enable third party natural gas suppliers to attract and retain invaluable customers.

Addressing the Scams

All right, let’s first address the elephant in the room. There is no denying the fact that a lot of misinformation is spread on the internet regarding the integrity of third party suppliers, and that there have been scams from others claiming to be part of our industry. It’s understandable why potential customers would be leery at first. Even those that are perfectly respectable and legitimate companies, online sources will still allege that they are scams due to misunderstandings and assumptions.

There are a few websites and forums where Vista Energy has been mentioned in the same breath as other scams or has been described as one. This claim is absolutely false, but how are potential clients supposed to know? This places the situation in the hands of Vista Energy customer service reps to ease the concerns of potential clients.

Ignoring the claims or rejecting them doesn’t make them disappear. A business has a few options to choose from when handling reviews, and it all boils down to the specific review in question. Online users review companies in many different ways. Some tell their experience like a story, others simply throw out a terse statement, while others still either shower praise or insults upon the company they’re reviewing. Vista Energy reviews are no exception. One option for handling such reviews is to focus on disproving the claims by using rational and logical arguments that are supported by facts and figures. Vista Energy has responded to many allegations this way to help clear up misconceptions.

Responding to Reviews

Regardless of how you decide to respond to your reviews, the bottom line is that you should respond to them. Good customer service is built on the foundation of trust and reliability. Customers will lose faith in a company that does not take time to address their questions, thoughts, and concerns. These reviews are among first things potential clients see when they search for your services. If you don’t pay the necessary attention to your online reputation, clients often feels as though their opinions are of little to no value.

It is important for any business to be aware of all major online review platforms, and make time to promptly respond to as many customers as possible. Not all reviews can be positive, regardless of how flawless your service may be. A negative review should not be interpreted as a baseless criticism of the service. It should be perceived as constructive criticism and a doorway into the psychology of an unsatisfied customer.

In many cases, taking heed of a negative review can help a business improve its service and build stronger ties with its target audience. This isn’t just on the obvious Yelp or Google platforms. There are many other review platforms out there that you may not have even realized your company was listed on. Vista Energy’s BBB profile for instance receives a lot of interaction that we take to heart, and use as part of our company growth and improvement strategy.

Now third party suppliers can have notoriously frustrating reviews as they often warrant a long-winded explanation of how the industry works. But no matter how many reviews Vista Energy receives, we do our best to respond to each one, address the client’s concern, and most importantly, take the conversation offline. Having a customer on the phone to address their questions and concerns directly is not only a more personal and caring way to go about reputation management, but it also ensures that the issue does not get blown out of proportion where everyone can see it.
Setting Up a Strong and Structured Customer Service

Your customer service department is you most effective means of keeping clients once you attain them. Your team needs a group of strong communicators with sufficient experience in handling dissatisfied or confused clients. Remember, most of the concerns brought up regarding our industry are misunderstandings.

A proper company structure will funnel all questions and concerns to the customer service department, and once a client is there, it’s up to the department to ensure the client gets what they need. For instance, a helpline that operates nearly everyday at convenient times shows clients that your business is accessible and willing to help. Providing this outlet for dissatisfied customers helps alleviate their frustrations, which is often the reason they take to social media or review platforms to vent.

Regardless of how professionally a negative review is handled, how efficient your customer service team is, or how perfect your responses to reviews, every business must accept that sometimes, there is nothing for it. But following these tips is not only your best bet, it’s also the right thing to do for your valued customers.