Black Hills Energy Choice Gas Program

Choose the right natural gas supplier for you with the Choice Gas Program

On the hunt for the best natural gas plan in Nebraska or Wyoming? Lucky for you, the Choice Gas selection period is just around the corner!

The selection period for the Nebraska and Wyoming 2018 Choice Gas Program begins Friday, April 13, 2018, and ends Thursday, April 26, 2018 at midnight.

But wait! You shouldn’t sign up for a natural gas provider blindly. It's important that you understand what the Black Hills Choice Gas Program is and how it can help you save on your monthly natural gas bills.

What is the Black Hills Choice Gas Program?

As a resident of Nebraska or Wyoming, the Black Hills Choice Gas Program gives you the chance to purchase your natural gas from third-party providers - like Vista Energy. During the Choice Gas selection period, you can shop around to find the right energy company offering the best possible natural gas rates for your home or business.

How is the Black Hills Choice Gas Program right for me?

Who doesn't like having plenty of options? The Black Hills Choice Gas Program gives Nebraska and Wyoming residents like you the chance to be in charge of your energy bills. You get to compare and contrast the rates and level of service offered by the natural gas providers competing for your business. And when you find the one that fits your budget and lifestyle, you simply sign up. It couldn't be easier or better for you!

What happens after I switch?

Actually, not a lot. You will still have natural gas delivered to your home by Black Hills Energy, and your monthly natural gas bill will look the same as before, as it will still come from Black Hills Energy. The big differences? The natural gas provider you choose during the Choice Gas selection period will show up on your bill as your "Supplier," and the rate you see for the natural gas you use will be the one you selected during open enrollment.

Why should I choose Vista Energy

With Vista Energy as your natural gas provider, you can experience the peace of mind a fixed bill plan can bring. Not only does Vista Energy deliver competitively priced natural gas for all our customers, but we guarantee we can give you the lowest fixed bill for natural gas in Nebraska or Wyoming. In fact, we are so confident we can give you the lowest fixed bill, we’ll give you $100.00 if you find a lower fixed bill option!

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