The Vista Energy Go Big Red Plan

13 Strikeouts wins you Natural Gas

Win 1 month of natural gas when the Nebraska Cornhuskers earn
13 strikeouts in a game. *

Proud Partners of Nebraska Athletics

More reasons to tune in to the Huskers

You’ll be shouting “Husker Power!” when you select Vista Energy's "Go Big Red" plan during the Black Hills Choice Gas 2020 open enrollment period.
Why? Because, in addition to a great rate for your natural gas bill, you will have new exciting opportunities to save money and cheer on the Huskers during your Choice Gas contract term.

13 K's and you get a free month of Natural Gas

“Strike 3” will be music to your ears when Husker pitchers accumulate 13 opponent strikeouts in a regular season 9 inning game. You'll be on the edge of your seat watching for the 13th opponent strikeout! Why? Because when the Huskers get 13 opponent strikesouts in a regular season game, eligible customers will get 1 free month of natural gas up to 12 months.

How to sign up with Vista Energy

Step 1

Check your eligibility

Make sure you are not currently in a multiple year contract with us or another provider. This will prevent you from being charged a termination fee.
Step 2

Have your packet ready

Have your Black Hills packet on hand. Your packet will have your control number which is required to change providers.
Step 3

Enter our Portal

Click here to enter our online protal
or call (888) 211 - 4093
Step 4

Select "Go Big Red"

Select the "Go Big Red" plan and sign up with Vista Energy by signing the delegation form.

Additional Vista Energy customer benefits

An effortless experience

Take the stress and confusion out of selecting your next natural gas provider. Once you pick Vista Energy, you can relax knowing you are with an established provider of natural gas.

Here when you need it customer service

Take advantage of our genius customer service representatives with all your Black Hills Choice Gas 2020 questions. We have extended hours and added dedicated people ready to help you.

Terms, conditions, and other restrictions

* If the 2020 University of Nebraska Men's Baseball team strikes out 13 opponent batters in a regular season regulation 9 inning game, eligible customers will receive 1 free month of natural gas starting June 1, 2020. All Black Hills taxes, fees, and distribution charges still apply. Must be an active Vista Energy Black Hills Choice Gas Customer in good standing and be listed on Vista's final balloted file provided to Vista from Black Hills Energy to receive the commodity credit.

* An eligible customer shall not be entitled to receive more than 12 months of free natural gas under this promotion.

* To be eligible for this offer, you must be a new residential customer or an existing customer with an account in good standing that makes an active selection for the Choice Gas Program Year beginning in 2020. Eligibility to switch service providers to Vista Energy or existing Vista Energy customers that are eligible to make an active selection for program year 2020 are defined by the Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC eligible premise file. Customers that did not make an active selection for program year 2020, customers already under contract, customers with accounts not in good standing, and/or customers defined as a default customer by Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC are not eligible to participate.

* Maximum benefit not to exceed $600 per each eligible customer.

* This promotion is being administered in accordance with Nebraska Statute 9-701 governing gift enterprises.

* Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC is the final authority in determining if a customer has been balloted to Vista Energy regardless of any prior communications between Vista Energy and customer.

* Vista Energy reserves the right to change or terminate the gift enterprise at any time, without notice to participants.

* Vista Energy reserves the right to determine eligibility for participation in this offer.

* This promotion has no cash value, and the benefit will be realized in the form of a rate reduction.

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