How to Be Energy Efficient During the Holidays - Outside the Home

4 Tips for Decreasing Your Energy Usage While Increasing Your Holiday Spirit

Decking the halls with boughs of holly won’t increase your holiday energy bills but putting up all those lights like you’re Clark Griswold certainly will. However, you can make the outside of your home as energy efficient as the inside [LINK]. Use our 4 tips to create a festive, brightly lit home while lowering your overall energy usage.

#1 Use LED lights

Energy-efficient decorations begin and end with the type of lighting you use. Not only do LED lights use energy more efficiently than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they’re also safer and last much longer. Even more, the enhanced technology of these bulbs means you can often do more with them in terms of programming light shows – if you’re into such displays of holiday cheer.

If you really want to take your energy efficiency to a. whole new level, you can invest in fiber optics! This high-tech lighting option transmits electricity with even less heat loss and energy dissipation than LED light bulbs, as the fibers are more effective than metal wires.

#2 Use timers

Obviously, you want your lighting arrangement to showcase your holiday cheer throughout the season, but you don’t really need to do so at 2am. By putting your lights on an automatic timer, you save yourself from the hassle of turning them on an off manually every day. When you restrict your lights to a reasonable time frame such as 5pm to Midnight, you’re using less energy than you would by leaving them on 24/7.

#3 Don’t over-decorate

This is easily the most unpopular tip on the list, but it’s also the one that will directly impact the size of a holiday energy bill. No matter how effectively you combine tips #1 and #2, it won’t make a difference if you cover every possible square inch of your home, roof, and yard with lights. Simply put, if you do enjoy that sort of expression of your holiday spirit, then you should also be ready to face a large energy bill.

#4 Winterize your windows

We discussed this tip in a winterizing post earlier in 2018, but you can still complete this one now to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It’s a simple process:

  1. Examine the frames of your windows for cracked seals and broken caulk.
  2. Purchase a good all-weather silicon caulk and applicator.
  3. Wait for a dry day.
  4. Clean off any dirt or debris from the window.
  5. Apply the caulk as needed to the affected areas.

By winterizing your windows, you’re keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. This increases the energy efficiency of your home because your heater isn’t constantly working to address a cold air leak.

Take heed of these 4 outdoor energy efficiency measures and receive the gift of a manageable energy bill. Happy holidays!

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