Protect Your Family and Home with 5 Holiday Electricity Safety Tips

How to Safely Deck the Halls

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! But all of that holiday cheer can quickly come to a halt if someone gets hurt, especially from a preventable accident. Few accidents have as much potential to cause damage to your family and your home as those arising from an electrical issue.

So, before your family starts to “deck the halls,” we want to share 5 of our favorite holiday electricity safety tips.

#1 Use Extension Cords Correctly

Do not use any extension cords that show any signs of damage. No matter how small a frayed wire or loose plug might seem, there is no amount of electrical tape that will fix the issue. An electrical spark from a faulty cord could catch your Christmas tree or exterior bushes on fire.

Also, you want to ensure that you use the properly rated extension cord for your needs. For example, the thinner cords rated for “indoor use only” cannot and should not be used for your outdoor decorations in any capacity. Not only can they short out from their inability to transmit the necessary energy to your lights, but they are not made to withstand cold, snow, and wet winter weather.

#2 Test Holiday Light Strings

If the holiday light strings or bulbs show any damage at all, replace them with newer models. They will work better, look better, and be less likely to start electrical fires. Safety ratings also exist for decorative lights. Make sure that the lights used to adorn the outside of your home aren’t supposed to be used exclusively indoors.

#3 Check Your Surroundings

Be aware of the placement of decorations, cords, and other electricity using items around your home. Take the time to clear away anything flammable that could come in contact with indoor and outdoor decorations. Items like brush, leaves, and branches have been known to catch on fire if they stay in prolonged contact with hot lights – especially if they aren’t energy-efficient LED bulbs.

#4 Review Your Electrical Setup

Before you flip the switch and win that neighborhood lighting contest, you should review your setup one last time.

  • Ensure all plugs are GCFI rated and in good working condition.
  • Secure any cords in walking areas with tape or a rug.
  • Do not overload your outlets.
  • Use top-rated power strips that allow for higher levels of electricity.

You want your home to be a beautiful winter wonderland, both inside and out.

#5 Use Timers

Finally, we encourage you to use timers with your holiday decorations. Turning off your lights once everyone has gone to bed is an excellent way to ensure that an electrical accident doesn’t happen in the middle of the night. While you can always opt for a classic timer plug with a dial you set manually, you can also purchase a smart plug that gives you remote control via a smartphone app. With this device, you can set a traditional schedule, but you can also flip your lights on and off at times that don’t coincide with that schedule.

You deserve a joyous holiday season with your family and friends, so ensure it happens by following these 5 fantastic holiday electricity safety tips.

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