Improve Energy Conservation in 3 Areas of Your Home

Lower Your Energy Bill by Using Less Energy Around the House

In our last two blog posts, we’ve introduced a range of energy conservation tips for your kitchen and bathroom. Those two rooms of your house chronically use the most energy. However, you should pay attention to how you use energy across the house, because you could still be wasting more energy than you should.

We recommend focusing your energy conservation efforts on these 3 parts of your home if you really want to reduce your energy usage and subsequently your energy bills.

Your HVAC System

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that heats and cools the air in your home is by far the biggest energy user in your home. We’ve talked before about how your HVAC unit is the gateway to making positive changes in your energy bills, and we can’t reinforce these lessons enough.

  • Get a tune-up – If your HVAC unit is working properly, it will use less energy.
  • Raise the temperature in summer – If people are home, set it to 75 F during the day and 78 at night. If your home is empty, set it to 80 F.
  • Lower the temperature in winter – If people are home, set it to 68 F during the day and 66 F at night. If your home is empty, set it to 65 F.
  • Program your thermostat – Create a schedule that matches your life. You don’t want to heat or cool your home unnecessarily if your home is empty.

The goal is to take the energy efficiency tips we’ve shared in the past and push them just a step further. It’s about stepping beyond convenience and embracing true energy conservation.

Your Entertainment System

Energy vampires are real, folks. Any plug left in a wall outlet will continue to use electricity. It doesn't matter it’s a television you turned off or a smartphone you’re removed from a charger.

While a single plug doesn’t draw much electricity on its own, the average 21st century home has a multitude of devices plugged in at all times for the sake of “convenience.” This is especially true for the typical home entertainment system, so we encourage the following practices.

  • Unplug chargers when you aren’t charging anything.
  • Unplug electronic devices when they aren’t being used.
  • Use power strips you can turn off all at once.
  • Use smart power strips where you can turn off each outlet individually.

Taking the time to unplug your electronics all the time can seem inconvenient. We think you’ll love seeing a lower energy bill each month by adopting this habit.

Your Yard

Even if you do all your weed-pulling and gardening by hand, you use more energy in your yard than you think. You might have a small yard without any fancy landscaping details, but you still have several energy conservation options available to you.

  • Purchase an energy-efficient electric lawnmower - Either corded or cordless model is great, and then mow every other week.
  • Use timers for your outdoor lighting – Your yard doesn’t need decorative illumination after everyone goes to sleep.
  • Use solar-powered when possible – This especially applies to security lights that do stay on at night.
  • Install a smart water sprinkler system – The top-notch systems review weather forecasts and your yard’s current moisture levels to calculate when and how the yard needs water.
  • Unplug any devices, toys, or tools after you finish using them.

The difference between energy efficiency and energy conservation might seem tiny, but it’s a larger gulf than most people realize. Your home can use energy more effectively with different tools and appliances, but you must actively find ways to use less energy if you want to truly lower your energy bills.

While these tips might seem like more work on the surface, they will become habit and second nature if you just stick to them. Your energy bill will thank you – we promise.

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