Smart Tech Updates for Your Home

April 19, 2021

Smart technology is everywhere these days, from smartphones to smart cars and beyond. Even the home is getting a tech update, with smart home technology available for pretty much every room of your house. Here are some of the best smart home device options available for those looking to get into smart home technology.

Smart Hub

A smart hub is like the brain of your home, coordinating with other smart devices to allow you to manage everything through one central system. Amazon, Google, and Apple all offer a variety of smart hub devices at different price points to meet customer's needs. Several other reputable companies also offer smart hub options. Make sure to choose a smart hub that is compatible with the other smart technology that you plan to use. Devices range from simple to complex, so research the system you plan to purchase ahead of time to make sure ease of use and functionality are a good fit.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are easy to install and offer homeowners several benefits. Smart thermostats can help you save money by helping you to track energy usage. Smart thermostats also allow you to see how adjusting heating and cooling settings can change your energy usage over time. Pre-programmed settings allow you to automatically adjust temperatures for day and night, or for when you are away from the home. A smart thermostat also allows you to adjust temperature settings remotely, a feature that many homeowners enjoy.

Smart Video Doorbell

Another easy-to-install feature, video doorbell systems are becoming commonplace. Live video footage of your camera can be viewed at any point, making smart doorbells a wonderful addition to your home's security system. Remote doorbell ring alert is a helpful feature that allows you to answer the door from your phone without going to the door. With a video doorbell system, you can even answer the door when you're not at home.

Smart Door Locks

Smart lock systems can increase accessibility while at the same time increasing security. No need to worry about lost keys or easily found hide-a-keys with a keypad or smartphone remote-access entry system. No need to change locks if someone moves out either; just change the code and you are good to go. With the ability to set different codes and put monitoring systems into place, you can even be alerted when your children get home after school.

Smart Lightbulbs

The benefits of installing smart lightbulbs in your home are many. Smart light bulbs save you money by reducing energy usage over time when compared to traditional bulbs. You can turn your lights off and on remotely from your phone, a nice security and convenience feature. Available with a wide range of ambient light settings that you can change with a click of your finger, smart bulbs really do set the mood for any occasion. And, best of all, all you have to do to install is screw in a lightbulb.

Smart Window Shades

Installing any window shades helps to reduce energy costs through improved insulation and light control. Smart window shades take these benefits a step further, allowing you to open and close blinds remotely. Plus, setting options allow you to set automatic opening and closing times. This can save on energy and improve security, making it look like you're home when you're not, especially when combined with an automatic smart light system.

Smart home devices can save you money, increase security, and improve the overall look and functionality of your home. These easy to install and use smart home options are great ways for beginners to step into the smart home trend.

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