3 Common Misconceptions About Vista Energy

At Vista Energy, we are a team committed to providing you with the best value and customer service for your home’s natural gas and electricity. We aim to provide our customers with competitive prices, offering an alternative option to a traditionally monopolized household necessity.

This is what any third party natural gas supplier strives to offer their customers, but despite these services, scam accusations are not uncommon in our industry. Unfortunately, there are numerous scams out there, and we are just as frustrated about it as you are. It gives those of us in the industry that are legitimate companies, with professionals working daily to provide their customers with great service, an inaccurate reputation.

If you are considering a third party supplier for your home’s natural gas, but are harboring a few reservations, it may help you to know that most of these allegations spawn from common misconceptions. The allegation that Vista Energy is a scam grew from three in particular:

You are encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns, and they will do their best to assist you in every way. We want you to have a clear idea about our services before signing up to avoid any misunderstandings.

1. Vista Energy is pretending to be PG&E.

We are not, and have never pretended to be PG&E. We are a third party supplier,approved by PG&E to participate in its Core Aggregation Program to provide gas to the public. Moreover, PG&E does not assess any extra charge to customers who purchase gas from Vista Energy.

2. Vista Energy overcharges customers.

Billing is always a tricky one, as bills can be a little overwhelming, and seem difficult to understand at first glance. Sometimes, seeing a number that is larger than you expect can understandably make you wonder if you are being cheated. We do our best to break down our bills so that customers always know exactly what they are being charged for. For a walk-through of how to read your energy bill, click here.

3. Vista Energy sales representatives scammed customers into switching to our services

You probably get a lot of solicitors knocking on your door daily, and we know the potential danger they pose when you don’t know who they are. That’s why our sales reps wear professional Vista Energy uniforms, drive Vista Energy labeled vehicles, and are trained to consistently and accurately represent our brand and services.

If you have any questions or complaints about Vista Energy, contact us today on our toll free customer care helpline (888) 508-4782. You can also visit VistaEnergyComplaints.com for further assistance.

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